The automation solution covers 8 cement silos that are used to store and load cement into cement trucks and railcars.

The technical equipment for each silo features a silo discharge system made by Klaudius-Peters (Germany). 

The system contains silo aeration pads, loading units, air slides for cement feeding, flow control nodes. Cement is fed with the help of compressor and Fuller pneumatic screw pump.

The description of cement silo automation is based on the solution made for Dyckerhoff facility


The automated control system is based on CPU 416-3 programmable logic controller which was designed to build highly efficient control systems. ET200М-based remote periphery is connected to the controller with the help of Profibus industrial network.

When the trucks and railcars are loaded, the weight of the cement is controlled by Schenck-made scale which contains DISOMAT dosing system.

Automated control system also includes local control panel which is placed next to the loading mechanism. The panel has a dashboard for controlling DISOMAT system. It is used to enter the necessary parameters for the cement weight and loading control. Once the loading is completed, DISOMAT sends a signal to the controller that switches off the flow control.

The technological equipment is controlled by meters and sensors that send signals to the central control system.

All electric drives are managed by the control panel configured on the basis of Siemens products.

Automation system controls the following processes:

silo aeration;

silo discharge;

silo unloading;

loading into cement trucks;

loading into railcars;

cement transportation from the silo to the trucks or railcars;

manual and semi-automatic control over principal and secondary mechanisms that are involved in the technological process.

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Industrial automation solution based on S7-400 controller and DISOMAT system has significantly improved the dynamics and  reliability of silo discharging system. It also facilitated the equipment serviceability and shortened the downtime.

Implementation experience:

Name of workWork
YUGCement, Nykolayev region, Ukraine
Cement silos №№5...8. Revision and modernization of the project for cement silos unloading system
Cement Ltd, Odessa, Ukraine
Cement silos №№5, 6. Automation system of the cement unloading in packing section, in motor transport and rail transport. Projecting and software design, commissioning
Cement Ltd, Odessa, Ukraine
Cement silos №№1-4. ACS TP. Projecting, application software design, electric equipment manufacturing and supply, installation and commissioning
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